Know DevOps: A full course in Kubernetes

Kubernetes can run the containerized programs, and work with them. Find the making, receiving, use and maintenance of Kubernetes

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Created by Emma George Last updated Fri, 28-Aug-2020 English
What will i learn?
  • Introduce and arrange Kubernetes (on your PC/work area or creation grade group on AWS)
  • Use Docker Client (with Kubernetes), kubeadm, kops, or minikube to arrangement your group
  • Use Healthchecks, Secrets, ConfigMaps, arrangement techniques utilizing Node/Pod proclivity/against fondness StatefulSets to send a Cassandra bunch on Kubernetes
  • Include clients, set portions/limits, do hub support, arrangement checking
  • Use Volumes to give steadiness to your holders
  • Have the option to scale your applications utilizing measurements
  • Bundle applications with Helm and compose your own Helm outlines for your applications
  • Naturally, assemble and convey your own Helm Charts utilizing Jenkins
  • Introduce and utilize kubeless to run capacities (Serverless) on Kubernetes
  • Introduce and use Istio to send a help work on Kubernetes
  • Ceaselessly Develop utilizing SkaffoldV

Curriculum for this course
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Course Introduction
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  • The main talks in the course will disclose how to introduce the product. You can pick between a neighborhood arrangement (docker customer with Kubernetes or minikube), or a full creation grade group on AWS
  • In the event that you need to introduce Kubernetes on-prem, there are addresses accessible in this course covering kubeadm, which can introduce Kubernetes on a wide assortment of conditions
  • Information about Linux/Docker/AWS is an or more, yet not compulsory to have the option to do the course
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This course will assist you in gaining seeing how to convey, use, and keep up your applications on Kubernetes. On the off chance that you are into DevOps, this is an innovation you have to ace. Kubernetes has increased a great deal of notoriety recently and it is very much looked for expertise by organizations. 

This course is refreshed as often as possible to incorporate the highlights of the most recent deliveries! 

At the point when Google began running holders 10 years prior, no one could arrive at this sort of foundation dexterity and proficiency. Utilizing this information, Google delivered Kubernetes as a free and open-source venture. These days Kubernetes is utilized by little organizations and huge ventures who need to pick up the effectiveness and speed Google has. 

You can containerize applications utilizing Docker. You would then be able to run those compartments on your workers, yet its absolutely impossible you can deal with those proficiently without additional administration programming. Kubernetes is an orchestrator for your compartments that will make, plan, and deal with your holders on a group of workers. Kubernetes can run on-premise or in the cloud, on a solitary machine or on a great many machines. 

I will tell you the best way to manufacture applications in holders utilizing docker and how to send those on a Kubernetes bunch. I will disclose to you how to arrange your group on your work area, or on the cloud utilizing AWS. I utilize a true model application (WordPress with MySQL - blogging programming) to show you the genuine intensity of Kubernetes: planning stateless and stateful applications. 

The presentation addresses that show you the Kubernetes work area establishment are allowed to see, so you would already be able to have a go at it before purchasing the course! 

This course likewise has Closed Captions (English captions) 

Updates (11/2019): 

* Added Admission Controllers addresses 

* Continuous Development with Skaffold 

* Etc and the pontoon calculation 

Updates (01/2020): 

* AWS EKS (oversaw Kubernetes) talk and demo 

This course is for: 

  • There is no earlier information required, however, a dev/operations/cloud/Linux/systems foundation will help 
  • The course alternatively utilizes Kubernetes on AWS. On the off chance that you need to become familiar with AWS itself, you should peruse some AWS documentation or take another AWS course. The course just discloses how to utilize Kubernetes on AWS, it doesn't disclose how to utilize AWS itself. In any case, all means that you have to follow are clarified in this course.
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